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Heya! Howdy! Hello!

Thanks for stopping by. Here at AstronautSaint Records, we go above and beyond our customer's expectations to ensure a pleasantly rockin' experience.

Founded by me (Mathew), the AstronautSaint (Pleased to "meet" you), in early 2020 just before the birth of Sarah and I's second son, Erskine, in March. Due to my irrepressible love for music I decided to forge ahead, in a time of uncertainty and chaos, to share my passion for music with the Portland community and beyond.

We originally had plans to lease a storefront last April. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseeable global tragedy known as Covid-19, we had to quickly scrap that plan and immediately make a decision: close down until we have a better idea of what we're dealing with, or go totally digital/with a modest home-based storefront for the time being. We made the transformation from a simple website with info about our business, to a full-throttle e-commerce platform. We also made renovations to our property to accommodate a small retail record store! How Portlandian of us! While we had to utilize all of our savings last year due to the hardships of Covid, we made it through 2020. HOORAY!

Our goal this year, 2021, is to expand the storefront we have currently on our property. My wife (a civil engineer) has already drafted up an initial plan-set for the expansion, along with costing materials necessary for the build. *EDIT: THIS PLAN HAS BEEN SCRAPPED DUE TO SEVERE DAMAGE TO THE ROOF OF OUR EXISTING STORE (SEE "RAISE THE ROOF!").


Having a larger physical location will allow us to fully pursue every option to generate more revenue, serve our fellow vinyl lovers near & far, as well as become a staple of the SEPDX community.

During Covid, we are currently (for your safety and ours) only offering online ordering with scheduled local pickup for residents in and around Portland at our storefront. We decided upon this because of the Covid restrictions on store capacity of customers per square-footage. For those not in our neck of the woods, meaning anywhere in the U.S., we ship everywhere domestically, via Media Mail, provided by the tireless and outstanding USPS.


We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience and visit us often. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or a special item request you can fill out the form here. You can also call the store at (503)512-3236 with any questions.

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Please, enjoy!

-Mathew (The AstronautSaint)