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"Love vinyl?

Love being able to help local musicians during this crazy pandemic time? Love the idea of a family following their dreams -- to start a record store -- just before Covid shut everything down, but persevered by starting an on-line business?

Then check out AstronautSaint Records on-line auction they are holding in support of the Jeremy Wilson Foundation’s Musician Health & Services Program. The auction runs through March 31.

You’ll find a terrific selection of music to choose from, courtesy of AstronautSaint Records and the labels they carry. And any contributions submitted through the donation button will further help the MHSP.

Mathew Pfromm is a musician and former chef, who with his wife, Sarah, a civil engineer by day, have been collecting records throughout their lives and wanted to turn their passion into a business: sharing the music they love in the best format for listening. While they realized that opening a brick and mortar record store at the beginning of Portland’s pandemic shut-down wasn’t the way to go, they started selling online in spring of 2020.

Just under a year into their project, they carry an extensive line of high quality products from local, national and international artists in essentially every genre. If you like indie music, you’ll find something you love.

Mathew and Sarah invite you to join them in supporting the JWF by checking out the great selection of albums on the auction site. And take some time to visit their website and see what other amazing records they make available.

And one more thing!

Sarah has designed a tiny building (1st draft specs below) for AstronautSaint Records, which she and Mathew will build themselves on their property in Clackamas County. They have applied for a small business grant from a foundation, and your vote can improve their chances of winning some cash to help them complete their project. The voting’s free -- and for a very good cause. When voting it'll ask for business name and state, simply enter AstronautSaint Records, Oregon. Easy!

Thanks, Mathew and Sarah. The whole community appreciates your generosity. We will be rooting for you as you work toward making your dreams come true." Claire L., Volunteer Writer for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation

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