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AstronautSaint Records Fundraiser

In February of this year Portland, OR experienced a HARSH winter storm. Unfortunately a VERY LARGE pine tree, from our neighbor's back yard, dropped 6 GIANT branches on to the roof of AstronautSaint Records. It demolished the rear roof and shifted the entire structure's anodized steel frame to the point that the building has to be demolished.

Though we have insurance, our insurance is barely meeting us halfway- this is why we need your help. If we can get 1,000 music lovers to donate just $10 each, it will help us fund the rest of our repair costs which have been estimated at $10,000 by a licensed contractor.

We will be doing the demolition and construction ourselves with the exception of the electrical work (to make sure it's up to code) and a small amount of framing work. We will document the entire process: the ups & downs, the successes and the shortcomings and finally- the end result.

Please assist us with a small donation of around $10 and help us spread the word about our fundraiser. Your help will make an indelible difference on the future of AstronautSaint Records. We are missing out on crucial revenue. The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can open back up to the public.


We understand that not everybody is in a position to donate; we are also asking for help to share this fundraiser on social media. The more that people see it, the more likely we'll reach our goal.

Please, we could certainly use a helping hand.

Click on the photo below and it will take you to our fundraising page with ways to share via different social media platforms.

It would mean the world to us if you could help.



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