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Fall Clearance Sale!

Heya howdy Astronauts!

We are currently having a rather large clearance sale for our in-stock inventory. We have over 50 albums marked down just over wholesale price (the price we pay) and the rest of our inventory is 20% off!

We are doing this for two reasons: firstly, we need to free up space at our shop for new inventory (we're a small location). Secondly, we are trying to scrape together some money to put towards a U-Haul ($355) and Lodging ($350+/-) for the Pendleton Record Swap October 14th-16th. It will be a great opportunity for us to network and make some sales and get our name out.

If you feel generous, no pressure, we also have a little Transportation & Lodging Fund that you could donate to HERE.

We are also doing a Test Pressing Giveaway for the 'Halloween Ends' soundtrack due out next year. The cool thing about this contest is that the winner will receive a copy of the test pressing just in time for Halloween! All you have to do is preorder either variant of the soundtrack between now and October 20th and you'll be entered into the contest! You can also rack up more entries for every $10 that you spend with us during the contest! Check out the album layout & design below or preorder HERE !

As always, we appreciate your support. It means a lot to us that people shop with an independently owned and operated shop. Y'all are the best!

Sarah & Mathew

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