American Football LP 2, Orange Vinyl LP Record

American Football

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American Football LP 2, Orange Vinyl LP Record

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    The again self-titled American Football finds the band with new material that takes them on a serendipitous detour down a familiar road. It is replete with the swelling emotions that might be spurred on by locked away memories unearthed by a familiar scent or crack in the concrete, or the rush of warm apprehension when coming face to face with a lover left before the fire was close to going out. The past still present tense sings Mike Kinsella on Home Is Where The Haunt Is, but while the house on the cover and the title of the album are the same, they are made strange by time and new found perspective. We've been here before, he declares on album opener  Where Are We Now? , but I don't remember a lock on the door.

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