Anamanaguchi Endless Fantasy 2LP Clear w/Rainbow Splatter Vinyl Record


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Endless Fantasy 2LP Clear w/Rainbow Splatter Vinyl Record

  • Album Description

    At 22-tracks and 76-minutes long, 'Endless Fantasy' is a lot to take in at once, but the group does manage enough variation within their songs to keep the extended runtime from drifting into redundancy. The opening title-track and advance single 'Meow' showcase strong instrumental hooks at rapid-fire pacing, creating the kind of music you'd imagine a music nerd spinning at the gym. Highly active and engaging music with creative sonics doesn't tend to be easily dismissible, and Anamanaguchi play these songs with sweat-dripping intensity that is always respectable, even when overwhelming the senses.

    But it's songs like 'Prom Night' and 'Japan Air' that take Anamanaguchi's sound and make it round, with pop vocals at times proving the project dynamic but not overshadowing the typically instrumental majority. Rather, the vocals give Anamanaguchi open doors for which to test, push, and expand their range.-Diffuser