Beirut Gallipoli, 180G Black Vinyl LP Record



Gallipoli, 180G Black Vinyl LP Record

  • Album Description

    Gallipoli can be best summed up as the Beirut album where the organ is king. The record’s backstory is extremely in line with Condon’s ethos: Basically, he had this Farfisa sitting in his parents’ house in Santa Fe. He decided he needed said organ back in his life. He obtained the organ. Around that time he started sketching out Gallipoli. What ends up bubbling to the surface is an album loaded with starry 1970s affect. These 12 songs are warm to the touch, bathed in an FM-radio glow, and stuffed to the rim with elements of indie rock at its most naive. The record feels like backwards time travel both to the heyday of Laurel Canyon psych folk and to the alt-rock days of yore where you could put a ukulele in a song and not have people roast you incessantly. These feelings converge on the album’s indulgent eponymous lead single. Its plunky organ and clear-cut horn section have the overstated elegance of the Mandarin Duck fluttering its wings in a pond. Then Condon begins waxing poetic about being “spared from the sorrow,” and “southern winds scattered clouds from the cove,” letting you know with a wink and a raised eyebrow that he is indeed a learned man. -Sophie Kemp, Pitchfork