SKU: QS1621LP-C1
Hot Rail, 20th Anniversary Edition 2 LP, Gold Vinyl
  • Album Description

    Hot Rail is a lazy, dissolving dream of a record that glimmers in and out like a mirage and sharpens to a hard focus…” - Rolling Stone “...a desert noir scorcher that invokes the wide-open plains of the band’s Tucson, Arizona, hometown.” - Billboard Calexico is the collective that centers around Tucson’s own Joey Burns and John Convertino. Whether as two musicians playing as a duo or performing with an international conglomerate of additional musicians, the band creates sounds from a vaguely familiar long lost era and mixes new, decidedly non-traditional influences into a whole new music. Their music is intentionally colored and inspired by the Sonoran Desert. Their sound is that of the border town station, the last outpost between the southern states and the wilds of Northern Mexico. But whatever people call it—it’s refreshingly bona-fide Calexico

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