Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr

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You're Living All Over Me, 180G Black Vinyl LP

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    The mid/late '80s was a strange time for rock and roll. Pioneers seemed to be stuck in their own unique ruts, whether it was band friction, drugs and failing health, being fed up with the record industry or just plain bad albums. Glam Rock was at its zenith, video had killed the radio star, rap was in its fetal stage and a majority of people had no new acts to latch on to.

    Then a small independent label called SST Records began putting out one interesting album after another. Starting with Black Flagand the Minutemen the label became one of the most influential of the '80s in any genre moving on to release some of the greatest works by bands like Sonic Youth, The Meat Puppets, Husker Du,the Bad Brains and today's focus, Dinosaur Jr.

    These bands all were outside of the mainstream but for different reasons, Dinosaur Jr. (then known as simply Dinosaur) had already recorded and released one album and had grown into their power trio style when they released You're Living All Over Me. The group seemed to blend metal, punk, stoner haze rock, touches of country, doom and arena rock, often in the same song. Upon first listen it is the guitar work that simply blows you away, riffs that lumber from the depths, riffs that reign down from the heavens, riffs made of mud, riffs made of pure noise, J Mascis's guitar work is staggering (as is Wharton Tiers's layering and production work). Never mind the fact he started off as a drummer in Deep Wound, by his second album on guitar Mascis instantly established himself as guitar god in an era when those were extremely rare.