Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats

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Mouthfuls Indie Exclusive, 180G Straw Colored Vinyl LP

  • Album Description

    In this age of file-sharing and do-it-yourself promos... woah, man, I just got the craziest feeling of déjà vu. No, seriously, I've got a real glitch-in-the-matrix thing going on here; I feel like I've been here before, reviewing this CD before, in this exact manner. Hmmm, Fruit Bats... I think Bowers once told me they were "pleasant-is-the-new-subversive," but just who knows what that bent lunatic is ever on about?

    Well, let's run through the checklist on opening track, "Rainbow Sign". You got your folky-picked acoustic guitar riff, check. Your twangy, even though the singer is not from the South, vocals, check. By the end of the song the coffeehouse strumming is overtaken by plunky vibraphone and digitized percussion, check. So good have I gotten at this game, I can hide the liner notes, put on my pyramid hat, and figure out that Sub Pop is on the contract and Brian Deck is on the switches, giving the proceedings that Sleepy Hollow sound he specializes in. -Pitchfork