Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers


So It Is With Us, 180g Black Vinyl

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    "There’s no way Horse Feathers could live up to a song title like “Violently Wild”, the track that opens their fifth album. Over the last decade the Portland chamber-folk group, led by singer-songwriter Justin Ringle, has perfected a gently gothic sound reliant on stringed instruments, painstaking compositions, and muted emotions, as though in direct opposition to the strummy histrionics of the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons. There’s always been something dignified in Horse Feathers’ restraint, even if that didn’t make them an especially exciting band to follow. And the wear of so many depressive tunes apparently began to weigh on Ringle, who followed up the tour for 2012’s Cynic’s New Year with an 18-month hiatus from music.That break was productive, as So It Is With Us finds Horse Feathers tinkering with new sounds, major keys, faster tempos, and different emotional textures. There are even drums here. So, all things being relative, “Violently Wild” is certainly the most violently wild the band has ever been. Rather than mopey, Ringle’s vocals are heraldic. The music is more celebratory than mournful. The rhythm section sounds like it can actually hold a groove and make the song a kinetic show opener or closer. It’s a joyful noise: Horse Feathers perform the song like they’ve just discovered a new superpower." Pitchfork, 7.4

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