DUH, Reissue, 180g Black Vinyl 2LP, Fat Wreck Chords

  • Album Description

    Duh is the debut full-length album released by the punk rock band Lagwagon.

    Duh was recorded in January 1992 at Westbeach Recorders with producer Fat Mike. Frontman Joey Cape on the recording: "Back then, we were inexperienced in the studio. It was less about the recording process and more about rehearsing. We recorded and mixed Duh in 4 days. There's something to be said for a budget. You have to have your shit together before you go into the studio and the end result is a record that better reflects the band’s sound at the time. I think that's why so many band's first records are considered to be their best. Personally, I don’t think Duh was our best though." -Joey Cape

    Duh was released in October 1992 and became one of Fat Wreck Chords' highest selling releases. Although it did not enter any charts, Duh has been regarded by some critics as one of the most influential punk rock albums released in the 90s.