M. Ward

M. Ward

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What A Wonderful Industry, 180G Cloudy Clear Vinyl LP

  • Album Description

    M. Ward has surprise released a new album, What a Wonderful Industry. The record features an appearance from My Morning Jacket’s Jim James on the tracks “Miracle Man” and “Bobby.” Hear the whole thing, and read his statement on the record, below.

    "This is a record inspired by people in the industry I have known—heroes and villains in equal measure. There’s some beautiful moments when you travel for a living, and I’m grateful for being part of an industry that’s taken me around the world so many times—but you quickly learn there’s a perfectly imperfect balance of cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals in the zoo. This record visits the most memorable characters. There’s a lot of very inspirational people I’ve had the pleasure to work with but there are also a few I wish I’d never met. It all tragically ends with an imaginary Griffin Mill-inspired murder ballad." -M. Ward