Murder By Death

Murder By Death


Like The Exorcist But With More Breakdancing 180g Black Vinyl, Highly reccomended by Little Joe Gould

  • Album Description

    Murder By Death's debut album "Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing" is an eclectic album, ranging from beautiful and ambling string-laden compositions to aggresive, complicated and dark rock songs.

    Songs from this album have been used in practically every form of media, from independant movies to dance recitals to BMX videos. It's that versatile.  It was recorded and mixed in six days at Acme Studios in Chicago, IL by Tim Iseler.

    "Possesses a dark humor and raw energy, as though the band had crossed the police tape to record at the actual scene of the crime."-Pitchfork

    "This doesn't feel like a collection of songs, more like a journey through an epic soundscape full of twists and turns. There are some dark corners and scary places but you'll round the corner and run headlong into a joyous mix of piano, guitar and drums!"-Room Thirteen