Nick Drake

Nick Drake

SKU: AISL3713436

Five Leaves Left, Limited edition deluxe box set containing 180g LP with replica shop poster, reprint of handwritten lyrics to two songs, and download voucher. 
Remastered from the original Sound Techniques pre-eq'd quater inch master tape by the album's original engineer, John Wood at Abbey Road Studios. 
Released in the UK 9th September 2013

  • Album Description

    In 2021, 52 years after the release of his debut album Five Leaves Left, Nick Drake’s visibility and reputation are as high as they’ve ever been. In contrast to his mythology as a tortured, unappreciated genius, when he began to record that debut LP in the summer of 1968 at West London’s lavish Sound Techniques studio, Drake’s stardom must have seemed like a sure thing to his backers at Island Records, where he was being talked up as the next big thing in an English folk scene spearheaded by Fairport Convention and Pentangle, whose respective musical maestros Richard and Danny Thompson (unrelated) were brought in as backing musicians for the album.

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