Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes, 180g Black Vinyl LP, Fat Wreck Chords

  • Album Description

    "The album as a whole is VERY fast, VERY pissed, and just flat-out vicious. The tone of the record is far angrier, frustrated, and has lost much of the sarcastic humor the band had been known for, but luckily, all that was left was the venom, which is quite potent. The band are simply incredible writers, with some of the most intelligent, thoughtful and sublime lyrics you will ever read. The band is extremely far-left wing, (pro-feminism, pro-gay, vegan, "meat is murder", animal rights, *** capitalism, you name it) and waste no time at all trying to de-toxify you from the media/TV brainwashing we've been under. But hey, with a name like Propagandhi, you shouldn't expect lukewarm views on things.

    And to be honest, it's hard to ignore their message either way. These guys are REALLY smart and definitely know their sh!t, like it or not. Just go on their website and look at the news section. Often taking on issues not reported on in our media with a biting, pissed-off sarcasm (Jello would be proud), delivered out in a constant rapid-fire delivery, Hannah spits lines about a wide range of social/economical commentary as well as scenester politics, while at the same time conveying a palpable feeling of ferocious anger and frustration that you WILL bang your head to. An excerpt from "Back To The Motor League", a raging, palm-mute bonanza of power chords that basically gives the punk/metal/whatever scenes the finger, reads like so:
    'What have we here/Fifteen-years later it's the reek of swill and chickensh!t conformists/Fists in the air/Like-father like-son rebels bloated on Korns, Eminems, and Bizkits/Lord hear our prayer/Take back your Amy Grant mosh-crews and fairweather politics/Blow dry my hair/And stick me on a ten-speed/Back to the motor league'."

    I, the AstronautSaint, highly reccomend this album. If there ever was a reason to GET PISSED AT THE SYSTEM, NOW is the time!