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STRFKR, 180G Black Vinyl, First studio album from Portland's own STRFKR!

  • Album Description

    If you want to understand the fuss surrounding this Portland, Ore. trio, you should see them in concert. Dressed in exaggerated, skinny-hipster re-imaginings of old-school rappers or drag queens, Starfucker come off like a combination of Chromeo and ELO, indulging in theatrical silliness while conjuring sugary pop hooks. Onstage, the members swap multiple instruments, providing a kinetic, anything-can-happen energy.

    German Love" latches on to a sweet guitar melody amidst stuttering samples, layering a bright sing-along chorus over a neon keyboard line. "Holly" marries cheeky, deadpan lyrics ("L.A. hasn't killed me yet") to ticking percussion, soulful guitar, and a repetitive, descending synth riff for a track that wouldn't sound out of place on Fujiya & Miyagi's setlist. And "Pop Song" is exactly as advertised: A strutting gem that uses a funky bassline, distorted effects, and videogame synths to enhance the band's best melody.