The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes

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The Besnard Lakes Are The Divine Wind, 180G Black Vinyl EP

  • Album Description

    The Besnard Lakes, one of Indie-Rock’s most ambitious bands, can admittedly be an acquired taste (a point that was well made when fellow Soundblab writer Jim Harris reviewed the band’s A Coliseum Complex Museum last year).  A sprawling, grandiose collection of epic songs, A Coliseum... found the band in familiar territory continuing to mine and refine their brand of psychedelia-infused, prog-tinged rock.  One year later and the band is about to release a couple of new songs with the aptly titledThe Besnard Lakes Are The Divine Wind.

    According to their bandcamp page, these songs were written along with the rest of what would eventually comprise A Coliseum…, but the band felt that they just didn’t fit into the overall vision of the record.  While it’s difficult for these types of ‘from-the-same-session’ releases to escape the ‘leftovers’ tag,  ...Are The Divine Wind is the rare exception as these two songs stand among the best of what A Coliseum... had to offer.  It’s hard to imagine how these two songs could have made (or broken) an album that had only eight tracks to begin with, but irregardless this E.P. will be a welcome addition for fans. -SoundLab