The Donkeys

The Donkeys


Living on the Other Side, 180G Black Vinyl LP

  • Album Description

    The press release for the Donkeys' second LP, Living on the Other Side, spends its first two paragraphs trying to convince the reader that the myth that "…everyone 'out west' is laid back, comfortable and cool" is just that -- a myth. It's too bad for the writer of the press release, then, that over the course of Living on the Other Side's 43 minutes, this San Diego four-piece seems to want nothing more than to buy into, reinforce and ultimately become subsumed by that very myth. Living on the Other Side is a delightful slice of sunny, hazy, California rock, the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon spent daydreaming. Borrowing elements of blues, country and psych and simultaneously evoking both the Dead and the Beach Boys, the Donkeys come across as laid back to a fault, the type of guys for whom Malkmus' slacking would probably smack of entirely too much effort.

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