The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats


Dark in Here (out June 25), Preorder, 2-LP: Double LP on black vinyl in gatefold jacket with etching on side D. Includes coupon for full download, Peak Vinyl 2-LP: Double LP on “High Noon Somwhere Blue” vinyl in same jacket as standard LP with etching on side D. Full album download included. Ltd edition. Indie Only.

  • Album Description

    Hey folks!

    Surprise, it's a brand new album from John Darnielle & The Mountain Goats!

    Dark in Here (out June 25) was recorded the week between Getting Into Knives and Songs for Pierre Chuvin at FAME Studios, the Muscle Shoals institution that’s captured Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Gregg Allman, Bobby “Blue” Bland, and hundreds more.

    The always-creative Darnielle found new bursts of inspiration in the walls of the South's most famed studios, producing a gorgeous & tantalizing collection of songs with help from his trusted bandmates: Peter Hughes, Matt Douglas (Hiss Golden Messenger) & Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Bob Mould). Also along for the ride are Muscle Shoal studio legends like Spooner Oldham (Neil Young, John Prine, Bob Dylan) & Will McFarlane (Levon Helm, Candi Staton)

    Of their sessions, longtime Mountain Goats collaborator Peter Hughes said this:
    "One of the words that John used when we were talking about the direction for Dark in Here was “wild,” which I liked a lot. Not wild in the sense of abandon—these aren’t those kind of songs. But wild in the sense of something undomesticated, untamable. Wild like the immutability of nature, the way it will take back any piece of untended space as its own, whether amidst the AutoZones and Chick-fil-A’s of Muscle Shoals [home of FAME Studios, where the album was recorded] or among the ruins of a scientific outpost on the Kola Peninsula. Wild like the whale; like a powerful animal. Or a virus—the beast that awakes, emerges from a forest, and stops the world. You can fight the calamity all you want, but either way, it’s going to demand your surrender."
    The album was announced as a surprise this morning with its first single, "Mobile". Track Listing below!

    Side A

    1 Parisian Enclave

    2 The Destruction of the Kola Superdeep Borehole Tower

    3 Mobile

    4 Dark in Here

    5 Lizard Suit

    Side B

    6 When a Powerful Animal Comes

    7 To the Headless Horseman

    8 The New Hydra Collection

    9 The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums

    Side C

    10 Before I Got There

    11 Arguing With the Ghost of Peter Laughner About His Coney Island Baby Review

    12 Let Me Bathe in Demonic Light

    Side D

    An etching, no music